The Eagle and Heart Trilogy

One part adventure, one part romance, entirely magic. High Prince Altair and Prince Whelan of the Realm of Waters will do anything to protect their world from a ruthless force that threatens to tear Avalon apart at the seams, but can they do so and keep their relationship intact? Join them on their epic journey in The Eagle and Heart Trilogy.

The Lotus and the Gathering Storm

Available September 1, 2020

High Prince Altair could not be happier. His engagement to his lover, Prince Whelan of the Realm of Waters, is finally official, and though his reign from the Throne of Night is never easy, he has finally become comfortable ruling the Elvish Kingdoms of Avalon.

If only that peace could last…

Assassination attempts and bands of thieves soon plague the realm, and on the horizon an even greater threat looms that will bring challenges unlike anything Avalon has faced in recent memory.

Buried secrets will rise to the surface and their relationship will be tested as Altair and Whelan race to save Avalon while challenging its traditions.

Is the lotus more powerful than the gathering storm? Only time will tell.



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The Eagle and the Trembling Vessel

Coming May 2021

What is right is not always easy. For High Prince Altair and Prince Consort Whelan, this is a lesson hard-learned in the wake of the human magician Medwyn’s attacks on Avalon.

A deadly pestilence stalks the land, and old enemies stand at the gates of the Palace of Night, ready to pull them down.

As they fight to retain the balance between what is good and what is right, one of them will be taken, and both will be changed forever.

Are they strong enough together to survive separation? Avalon itself may have the final say.


The Oracle and the King

Date TBA

The final chapter of The Eagle and Heart Trilogy

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