Hello Readers!

My name is W. Dale Jordan–Waylon to my friends, and I hope that will include many of you–and I’m so excited to invite you along on my journey as a journalist, novelist, and activist.

Hmmm, that’s a lot of “-ists” but we all wear a lot of hats, I suppose.

I have always been a storyteller.

From the time I was a small child, I would spend my days in imaginary worlds of my own creation, and later, those worlds that I found in books.

Unlike many children, however, I was rarely the main character in my imagination. Instead, I was a supporting player, an observer, or a narrator who meticulously chronicled everything that happened around me.

Upon learning to read and write, I began to record my stories on paper. It was at about this time that I first became fascinated with film and television as well, and I would often sit down to write out the stories of whatever movie I had just seen with my family.

Books and movies consumed me as much as I consumed them, but it wasn’t until only a few years ago that I really began to write professionally after taking a job as a reporter for

It was there that I finally understood and began to develop my own voice as a writer.

It also gave me a forum to begin discussing LGBTQ+ rights to a larger audience. I founded our site’s Horror Pride Month, which celebrates the contributions of my community to the genre.

Needless to say after all my time writing about horror, no one was more surprised than myself when I began to pen a high fantasy romance novel, but I suppose you could say I found my muse and a story that I simply had to put down on paper.

The Eagle and Heart Trilogy was born in feverish late night writing sessions beginning with The Lotus and the Gathering Storm, which I hope to publish later this year.

As you read this, the first draft of book two is well under way, and though I know where this journey will end, even I’m not sure of the path some days.

This, honestly, is how I ended up here. The road to publishing is a long and often, nerve-wracking voyage and sometimes I need more than my husband to talk to about these things.

So, I’m inviting you along with me, and I hope that you’ll accept. Along the way, you’ll find my thoughts on the world at large, the state of LGBTQ+ rights, and even a few personal stories about my writing journey and growing up gay in the wilds of East Texas–the two aren’t mutually exclusive after all.

I also thought this would be a fun way of introducing you to the world I’ve been creating for over a year, now.

Under the heading of ‘Letters from Avalon’ above, I’ll be sharing with you the personal correspondences between High Prince Altair of Avalon and his lover, Prince Consort Whelan of the Waters in the time leading up to the beginning of The Lotus and the Gathering Storm.

I hope you love these two Elves as much as I do!

Get comfortable, readers. Pour up your favorite beverage–adult or otherwise–and welcome to my own little corner of the world.

Most sincerely,

W. Dale Jordan

Photo by Stormy Scott
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