Fantasy Casting a Film Version of ‘The Lotus and the Gathering Storm’ Part Three

Welcome back to my little fantasy casting for a film version of The Lotus and the Gathering Storm. To clarify, no one is actually making a film version of my debut novel. I just find it kind of fun to dream!

In part one, I hashed out a cast for the central characters and the nobles of Avalon. In part two, I dug into some of my favorite secondary characters who nonetheless play important roles in the story.

Today, I want to dig into a specific group of characters. The Night Elders of Avalon are the oldest living Elves in their world. They carry the memory of Avalon within them and spend their time in a dream state except when they’re called upon to advise the High King or Queen of Avalon.

I thought long and hard about this. The Night Elders are indeed ancient, but almost appear like younglings with semi-ageless faces. So, did I want to cast older actors or younger actors? I’m going to go for a controversial decision, I think.

I want older actors with some of the de-aging technology that we’ve seen in recent films specifically because I think that uncanny valley look to the “de-aged” faces would work well with the way that I describe them in the novel.

I’m also going to throw in a casting choice for Dabon, the ancient Centaur who guards the Night Elder Chamber.

Dabon–Idris Elba

I so want Idris Elba to take on this role. It’s a small one, and really would only be a couple of days work, but he can convey the simultaneous menace and mystique of Dabon, the Centaur guard of the Night Elders perfectly. AND, he would be sexy as hell doing it.

Baldor, the Night Elf: Ben Kingsley

Boldar is the High Prince Altair’s Great Grandfather, and was once the High King of Avalon himself. He ruled until he reached 800 Suns at which time he abdicated to his eldest daughter, Carmen. Almost 100 Suns later, he became a part of the Night Elders.

Madding, the Forest Elf: Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton is one of those actors that I’m convinced can do anything, and I think he has just the right energy top step into Madding, who is a somewhat boisterous Elder who looks a bit like a brawler. Madding, interestingly was not supposed to become the new Night Elder from the forest realm. He took on the responsibility when his twin brother, Perrin was killed in an accident after a tree fell on him deep in the forest.

Petraub, the Plains Elf: Antonio Banderas

Petraub has a sense of playfulness to him, a mischievous twinkle in his eye and I would love to see Antonio Banderas step into the role. Before ascending to the Night Elders, Petraub was a master horse trainer. He had two wives and one husband and they produced a family of more than 15 younglings!

Shava, the Fire Elf: Julie Christie

I love Julie Christie, and I would love to see her as the former warrior of the Fire Elves who led the entirety of the Fire Elf forces before she became a part of the Night Elders.

Tamarra, the Water Elf: Helen Mirren

Tamarra is an Elf that is not only wise but has a wicked sense of humor. She is the newest of the Night Elders. She spent a great deal of her life working with the Merfolk. She especially enjoyed their freedom which is astonishing because she is the least likely to break from the rigid traditions of the Night Elders now that she has embraced her role there.

Tekar, the Blood Elf: Billy Porter

Gah, Billy Porter. I just need all of the Billy Porter in my life and I think Billy would be incredible as the former Canwr Enaid of the Blood Elves. Unlike others of their clan, the Canwr Enaid is born to heal souls rather than the mind or body and only one is born in every generation.

Tovash, the Dark Elf: Sir Patrick Stewart

Look, I love Patrick Stewart and I would LOVE to hear him narrate the story of how the Dark Elves were banished from Avalon. That voice. He’d just be perfect! Tovash, funnily enough, was thought by his fellow Elves to have been lost at sea when he was chosen as the new Dark Elf Night Elder. He was staring down into the sea and saw the chamber open to him at which point, he immediately leaped overboard. There was only one witness to this event: Great Captain Zephyra’s grandfather.

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