Fantasy Casting a Film Version of ‘The Lotus and the Gathering Storm’ Part Two

Welcome back for part two of my fantasy cast for The Lotus and the Gathering Storm. This has actually become a really fun and interesting exercise for me, thinking of who I would love to see bring my novel to life.

In part one, I picked my cast for the novel’s central couple and the ruling nobles of Avalon. In part two, I want to move out to some of the secondary characters that are nonetheless important in their own ways to the story. I may do one more for a specific set of characters, but I haven’t made up my mind just yet. So, let’s get down to business!

Captain Blackwood–Benicio Del Toro

Captain Blackwood has been a part of High Prince Altair’s life for as long as he’s been alive. The head of the Gardoíche, the armies of the Realm of Night, is a grizzled military man with a boisterous sense of humor and is one of the few Elves who Altair would trust with his life.

Lobos (voice)–James Earl Jones

Okay, yeah, I’m really dreaming big. Shoot me. Lobos is a giant wolf who guards the forests near the Peaceful Cove, but he has an even more important role in this story which I won’t reveal in case you haven’t read it, yet. So, deep, commanding voice? You’re damn right I want James Earl Jones.

Prince Titan–Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult is older than Ben Platt, who I chose to play Whelan, but in some ways Titan definitely looks older than his brother. Though he’s younger, he’s taller, more muscularly built, and has a warrior’s edge to him. He will definitely pick up a sword long before he considers using magic. In my mind, that makes Hoult the perfect actor for this role. I think he’d absolutely kill it! Titan doesn’t have a huge part in book one but he has much more to do in book two and of course, I’d want Hoult on for the whole series.

Medwyn–Tom Hiddleston

Ah yes, our villain. It may be a bit of type-casting, but at this point, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather see take on the role of the “big bad” in The Lotus and the Gathering Storm than Hiddleston. He could definitely bring some of the Loki energy to the role and it would be perfect!

Princess Sofia of the Realm of Night–Isabella Gomez

Colombian-American actress Isabella Gomez is a perfect fit for Altair’s sister, Sofia. The character is not only a capable diplomat, but she’s also quite the warrior. I’d love to see this actress take on this role.

Princess Maria of the Realm of Night–Sofia Carson

Princess Maria is currently the next in line after Altair for the Throne of Night, something she absolutely does not want. Like her sister, Sofia, she’s a capable warrior with a penchant for intrigue as well as diplomacy. I think Sofia Carson has the right energy for the role and it would certainly let her stretch some of her capable acting muscles.

Marchan–Dev Patel

I love Dev Patel and I think he’d be great for this role as Altair’s cousin who attempts to assassinate him. I mean, it’s kind of a small part, but important…maybe more important than you know.

Daffyd the Robber King–Jason Momoa

This is one of those roles that’s on the small side but Momoa could bring exactly the right kind of energy needed for this big brute of an Elf who’s running a gang of thieves out of the Forest Realm. Also, you know, Mr. Momoa, if you just wanted to come hang out on set…that’d be cool too.

Carlotta Bloodstone–Sophie Turner

Another one shot character. I don’t think Sophie would do it, but I think she’d be perfect for this social climber!

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