Letter Eleven: Altair to Whelan

To: Prince Whelan of the Realm of Waters
From: High Prince Altair


It is early morning, and I have woken to find my guard prepared to leave the solitude of this Blood Elf village for the underground splendor of the Fire Elf Keep.

I understand, generally, their desire to leave. The Fire Elf lands are much more suited to soldiers. They are more boisterous and ever ready to hold small war games to keep visitors on their toes.

It is not a bad thing. Their constant training has saved the Realm of Night and Avalon itself on more than one occasion in our history. Yet, as I look out into a sky streaked orange and yellow and read, I find myself wishing for another day or two with the Blood Elves to enjoy their more relaxed and contemplative way of life.

I could easily order them to unpack. There is no actual schedule that I must follow, and no one here to tell me I must move on to the next realm. And yet, I find that I am anxious to visit your realm. I am anxious to visit you.

And so I will dress soon. I will bid farewell to the Blood Elves and the Sun’s bright light for a day or two, and go down into the earth to visit King Heller and Queen Daimona.

I hope that you are well. I will see you soon.


Image by Sergei Tokmakov from Pixabay

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