Letter Ten: Whelan to Altair

To: High Prince Altair
From: Prince Whelan of the Realm of Waters

Hello Altair,

The Blood Elves! I do so love their clan and their home, though I admit at one time they frightened me.

Whenever I saw Roisahn, the Blood Elf healer who lived with us here in the Watery Keep when I was a youngling, I would hide myself away peeking from behind some piece of furniture. I do not know if it was their dark skin, the red-tinged eyes, or the fact that I did not know if they were male or female that frightened me, but they did.

When I was just a little older, they caught me spying and asked me to sit with them. They knew I was confused because no one else like them lived at our palace, but they also knew I had an inquisitive mind and so they told me I could ask any question I wanted and they answered every single one.

I learned a great deal that day, but the one thing that I will never, ever forget came when I inquired about their gender.

“Part of me is very masculine; part is feminine. Parts of me are neither, and parts of me are both. Where I come from, such things do not matter, because we know this: Healing takes a whole Elf capable of accessing all of those parts of ourselves at the same time.

“There are those in our world who, if they saw us as one or the other, might think that affects our ability to heal. They might think that one or the other is stronger or more capable. Long ago our clan learned to free ourselves of those constraints, and we are better healers because of it.”

To this day, I think of Roisahn’s words when I travel to the Obsidian Mountains with father to make sure their rivers are running clean and clear, but more importantly, I have taken what they said to heart when meeting any Elf.

You do have me at a disadvantage with their springs, however. I have never had the opportunity to immerse myself completely in their waters. I have felt their power, however, and it is beautiful.

To answer your question, I have not yet found a common ground between the merfolk and nymphs. Understand, they are not at war with each other. It is nothing so dramatic as that.

At times, however–though there are lakes, rivers, and seas enough for them many times over–they manage to get into each other’s way and when they do, skirmishes break out which inevitably lead to rivers overflowing their banks and the displacement of fish and other life beneath the surface.

Ah well. There is nothing to be done except to continue reasoning with them and hope that finally one or both will listen.

I will send this letter straight away. I hope it finds you well.

I look forward to you next letter.


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