Letter Nine: Altair to Whelan

To: Prince Whelan of the Realm of Waters
From: High Prince Altair

Greetings Whelan,

I hope this letter finds you well. I received your letter just before we left the Forest Realm and though I wanted to read it immediately, there was no time.

We traveled into the Obsidian Mountains today to meet with Great Healer Magala and the Blood Elves of their clan.

Of all the realms of Avalon, theirs is the most imposing and yet, also the most peaceful to me. So much of their time is spent quietly save for the younglings who run freely from home to home as if they are all truly one family, and when the entire clan comes together for festivals and celebrations.

I do not understand their healing magic. I’m not sure any Elf outside their clan does, but I’ve seen them work wonders.

How I wish you could sneak away to join me for a day on this journey, but I fear you are right. There is so much space between the clans and mountains of etiquette to be followed. I wonder sometimes if it has always been this way.

I must go soon. I am going to take a long soak in one of the hot springs in the mountains. The water there is amazing, though I’m sure you know that.

Were you able to bring the nymphs and merfolk into some kind of agreement today?

I would love to hear about it. I have met some of the merfolk leaders before, but I’ve never dealt with the water nymphs and other water elementals directly. I have spent considerable time with the sylphs, however, and if they are any indication, I’m sure your work is not easy.

We will be with the Blood Elves for at least another day or two and then we travel to the Fire Elf realm under the mountains.

Write to me soon,


Image by Adrian Lang from Pixabay

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