Letter Seven: Altair to Whelan

To: Prince Whelan of the Realm of Waters
From: High Prince Altair


I am sorry I have not written sooner. With preparations for the tour, there was little time.

I arrived in the Forest Realm this morning and spent the day talking to King Albara and his wife, Queen She’an and have only just retired to my rooms here to rest before the feasting tonight. Albara says that the forest is abundantly healthy this season and I cannot help but agree.

I do not know if you have had occasion to visit the Great Forest before, but as I write this, I am gazing out the windows of the Forest Hold over groves of trees that shine like emeralds against the golden rays of the afternoon Sun.

Below me, younglings play and run, shouting to each other, and laughing. How I envy them. Did you often have time to run and play as a child? I’m sure I did, but I cannot seem to remember a specific day. Perhaps, those days all meld into one in our memories.

Regardless, I find that I wish you were here. It would be nice to have a companion on this journey. Of course I travel with a full Guard and the Captain of the Night Guard accompanies me, as well, but it is not the same.

I could speak to them all day and there would still be a space between us. That space seems to be present with every other Elf in Avalon save for you.

I suppose I shall have to be patient. We will be in the Watery Keep in a few days’ time after all. I hope we will have time to talk, then.

Until then, know that you are ever in my mind.


Image by Gya Than Arts from Pixabay

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