Letter Three: Altair to Whelan

To: Prince Whelan of the Realm of Waters
From: High Prince Altair

Greetings Prince Whelan,

Imagine my surprise when I walked into my bathing chamber and found your letter floating atop the water in my bath. Was that intentional? You must tell me sometime how you send a letter that floats on water, yet remains completely dry.

Intentional or no, I was glad to hear from you and so soon.

I understand too well what you must be going through right now. From the time I was a youngling, my father had me at his side learning the ways of diplomacy though I must admit I would sneak away as often as I could to the practice field to spar with the Captain of the Night Guard.

In my mind, I knew that the Throne of Night would one day be mine, but in my heart, I wanted nothing more than to run, jump, play, and learn to fight with sword and shield on the field.

I do not know why. There hasn’t been a true war in Avalon for two generations, at least, but I am told now that it is better to be prepared than caught off guard.

King Alain is very kind to speak so highly of my taking on the Throne. He does not see the daily struggle, however, to prove to merchants, diplomats, and an ever-growing list of my relations who do not believe that I am ready for the position.

It would be one thing if father had died, but his abdication makes them nervous. They second-guess me which is only slightly less annoying than when they look at me with a condescending expression that says, “Someday you will know better.”

I’m sorry to ramble on, but again, I feel a comfort with you that I do not often find in others.

As for your question, the moon will be fullest in three days time, and it would be a lovely time to share an evening meal with you near the fountain in the courtyard of the Palace. It is one of my favorite places to sit and to think with the water of the fountain bubbling nearby, and when the sky is full of stars, it is a sight to behold.

I do not know if you have ever seen the night skies from the great height of the Realm of Night, but I assure you it is a wonder.

I await your answer. I shall check my bathing chamber often!

Until then, I wish you well.

Humbly yours,

High Prince Altair

Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay

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