Letter Four: Whelan to Altair

To: High Prince Altair
From: Prince Whelan of the Realm of Waters

Greetings High Prince Altair,

I must apologize. I certainly had no intention of the letter landing in your bath! What you must think. I have never seen your private chambers before and so I sent the letter to you hoping that it would perhaps appear in a basin of water near you.

Why does that sound worse?!

Ah well, it is done, and cannot be undone. As for how the letter arrived dry, it’s a simple matter of wrapping it in air before I give it to the waters for transport. That same air holds it just above the surface of the water so that it does not become wet before it is received.

I assure you, however, that I will find a different way of sending this letter to you so that it does not arrive in a place so private as your bathing chambers.

You and I are so similar and yet so different. I often feel the weight of a crown that I do not yet wear, but if I am honest, I enjoy greatly the work that father has given me. It means I can spend more time in the seas and the rivers and lakes.

The world is so different beneath the surface and beyond the walls of the Watery Keep. I love it, very much.

As for sparring and learning to fight, I have done my fair share, but I do not draw the same joy from it that my brother, Titan, does. As the second child of my parents, he will be in charge of the Water Guard, and I am happy for him. I am also happy that the responsibility will not fall to me.

Magic has always been a better tool for me than a dagger or sword.

I have spoken to father and mother and they have are most happy to free me from responsibility for the evening. They say it is important for the “next generation” of Avalonian nobles to spend time together which is odd as I have never seen a noble from another realm visit the Watery Keep aside from your father when he makes the annual tour of kingdoms.

The location you’ve chosen sounds quite enchanting and the fountain is as good an arrival point as any for myself. To answer your question, I have not seen the the stars from the Realm of Night, but I have heard mother speak of them and I look forward to seeing them for myself.

Until the full moon,

Prince Whelan

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

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